Hälsingegården Gästgivars i Vallst
Hälsingegården Bommars
Hälsingegården Erik-Anders i Asta

Farmhouses of Hälsingland – a 1000 pieces of living history

Visit a farmhouse in Hälsingland and feel history’s powerful presence. Stay in one of our beautiful Hälsingland farmhouses, or participate in some of the activities, experiences or events that are arranged around the farmhouses.

There are approximately one thousand Hälsingland farmhouses, of which around fifty are open to the public, offering different activities and experiences. Seven of our Hälsingland farmhouses, with separate buildings for celebrations and major events were registered on 1 July 2012 on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. The seven World Heritage farmhouses are scattered throughout Hälsingland. Some of them are open to visitors and offer accommodation and activities – others are private. The seven Hälsingland farmhouses on the UNESCO World Heritage List include: Pallars, in Långhed; Jon-Lars, in Långhed; Erik-Anders, in Asta; Gästgivars, in Vallsta; Bommars, in Letsbo; Kristofers, in Stene; and Fågelsjö Gammelgård, in Los.